MUST READ STATEMENT! Bridlington Town Chairman with an open invitation!

A fantastically penned letter to North Ferriby United Directors from Bridlington Town Chairman Pete Smurthwaite is well worth a read after allegations of tapping up and signing players:

This is an open invitation to the Directors of North Ferriby Utd to consider the purchase of my football club then they won’t have to keep taking our players. 

They have already signed four of our first team squad, two of which were signed outside of the registration rules and I have solid evidence they have now approached two more of our players outside of the rules.

They could purchase a club that is well ran and organised with excellent volunteer staff working at the club that is very well respected throughout the non-league football family and has plenty of potential for expansion. 

The club is free of debt and covers it’s costs every season through good management, excellent sponsors and the support of the local community with an increase in attendances this season even though the team are mid table in the league. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the two supporters groups who raise money for the club which has gone towards refurbishment of the ladies toilets and new carpets in the club house and helps with the player’s expenses.

We work to a sensible budget in respect of player’s expenses and we do not try to buy success which has led to the club going out of business in the distant past. We are awaiting a response from the Football Authorities with regard to the “illegal approach” to our players and I would confirm we are not interested in the so called dual registration of players, it only ever works one way, that of the senior club. 

I would put a sale price of £125,000.00 for the club which would be exceptional value for money.


Peter Smurthwaite


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  1. No disrespect intended but if i had a win on the lottery i would buy Grimsby Town. If i got 4 numbers i would buy Hull City.
    GOOD LUCK with your case.

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