Gill supports players progressing and sees the effect it has on teams losing players…it’s all good for the game

Several players have recently made the switch from NCEL Premier Division side Bridlington Town down the coast and joined National League North side North Ferriby United.

By several, we mean five of their first team squad which does take it’s toll and Brid Chairman Pete Smurthwaite has had his say on a couple if occasions recently.

This in turn has had an effect on fellow NCEL side Hall Road Rangers as they have seen one player move to Brid and one to Ferriby in the past week or so.

Manager Bill Gill can see the positives in Ferriby’ s intent but also the negatives when the FA Rules are not followed.

“Yeah I see everyone’s views.
Highest ranked team in the area wanting best local talent sounds perfectly reasonable to me and taking the best players off local sides sounds reasonable to me too also.

“I would expect all Chairmans and Managers to want their players to move on and play as high as possible – that’s good managing and coaching for long term player development.

“Where it gets sensitive is when the 7 day or 28 day rule isn’t followed correctly, players think it’s there to stop moves but it’s not it’s purely there to allow clubs that are losing talent to have sufficient time to replace players and re-organise – and it’s also out of respect.

“So for me there’s good and not so good points.

“The reality is this actually improves local football at all levels as it allows other players locally to slide up and play higher too on the back of this. We lost our skipper to Brid last Friday night before the Harrogate game, probably because Ferriby are leaving Brid short.

“I think it’s important players respect their current clubs situation and keep loyalty & dignity within the game.”

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