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Rimmington going to re-watch Pickering “horror show” after 5-3 loss!

To ship five goals at home – It’s fair to say that Liversedge manager Jonathan Rimmington was less than impressed with his side’s defending as they went down 5-3 against promotion hopefuls Pickering Town.

127-fans certainly got value for money as the goals were flying in, with 6 goals shared in the first half. However Pikes came out in the second half better and nicked two goals and kept hold of their lead for the three-points.

Rimmington commented, “A tough one to take but if we play football like the keystone cops then we deserve nothing. Mistakes cost us very dearly but to be fair Pickering came out firing and had a few early chances when we seemed all over the place.

“But to be done by a 30 yard lob then a 35 yard cross just beggars belief. We then scored a great goal from a great cross and equalised through another Walton header but we then gave Pickering the initiative again.

“You can’t believe we had one player only missing from Saturday where we were fantastic. Halftime 3-3 and we said to them it’s the worst we had played and we are still in it, then what happens they score direct from a corner when the player could have cleared. Individual mistakes cost us dearly and I was fuming but that’s football from the highs of Saturday to the low of last night.

“I will watch the game back today just for my own sanity but then it may be like watching a horror movie and may frighten me too much.”

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