FA Propose winter break for Premier League – BUT this could effect all clubs!

Talks are in an advanced stage between The Football Association, English Football League and Premier League about introducing a winter break from 2019/20.

It has been proposed that it would start taking place from February 2020 and every February from then, with the break being staggered, five matches taking place one weekend, then five on the next meaning all Premier League clubs would have at least 13 days without a fixture.

In other European countries, for example, Spain, Italy, France and Germany, they have their winter break during December and January, which happens to be the busiest time for the Premier League.

Consequently, having the break in February will effect the fifth round of the FA Cup, the world’s oldest cup competition, as they would have to play the fixtures on a weekday, and there would be no replays because of this.

Many clubs would not be effected by this winter-break, however, take for example Lincoln City. During the 2016-17 campaign, the then National League side reached the FA Cup Quarter-Finals, and having played Premier League side Burnley in the 5th Round, they would have had to play this tie mid-week.

This in turn could effect a host of other ties, both in the league and FA Trophy. It’s not a common occurrence for a non-league side to reach the latter stages of the FA Cup, but it does happen. If a side does pull off a draw in the 5th, then they could miss out on a large amount of revenue from, for example, TV and ticket sales, therefore the FA does need to consider the consequences of introducing a winter-break.

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