“Big Brother Bill” will be watching you…

Off-field events have cast Hall Road Rangers as unlikely actors in an NCEL Toolstation Premier Division relegation drama. On Saturday, Rangers are due to welcome Albion Sports to Haworth Park-but as Rangers Manager Bill Gill expresses his doubt as to whether the game goes ahead he told the Bootiful game that he’s using Applications technology to ensure that his squad won’t lack peak fitness in the vital weeks to come, writes Colin Muncie.

Bill told us “I’m doubtful over any action this weekend and a lot of training venues are closed to us this week. I’m introducing a new system at the club for first team players, which we will filter down through to our Reserves and Under-19s over time .All of our players have fitness apps downloaded to their phones, so we are making it mandatory for everyone to send in their results on fitness work they have carried out away from the club. This is to ensure that all our players are looking after themselves correctly.”

“This allows me to set individual weekly targets for players which they have to meet- otherwise face the consequences”

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