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Barrett furious after 2-red cards in 15 seconds sees Borough go down to Campion

They’re still second in Toolstation NCEL Division One and right in the Promotion shake up, but Grimsby Borough lost one point of their advantage over third-placed Eccleshill United last night after a home defeat to eleventh-placed Campion at Bradley Road. The Wilderness Boys now hold a two point lead over the Eagles, having played two games more-but after two red cards in the game, Joint Manager Daniel Barrett fears that the repercussions from last night’s defeat are likely to impact seriously on the next couple of weeks as well, writes Colin Muncie.

Lee Bradshaw’s 77th minute strike for Campion was the difference between the sides in front of the 85 crowd at the BRDC.

Daniel admitted to the Bootiful Game “It’s a hard one; our performance in the first half was below par. We weren’t at the races but were never really troubled. In the second half we were a lot better even with nine men. We’ve lost 1-0 with nine men from them sticking one in the stanchion from 25 yards, but our lads grafted hard and I think we deserved something; if not for 2-3 very clever fouls I think we would have scored”

Daniel wasn’t at all happy with the red card incidents. “There was a major incident in the game which turned it on its head, and saw us have two players sent off within 15 seconds” Daniel explained “Here’s where the broken record of NCEL managers plays again…. I have spoken to the referee and I will just put it out there that if he was man enough to be honest, he’ll admit that has made a mistake; however he was being assessed, so he has to stick to his decision otherwise he looks a mug for ruining the game -and not getting a score that will progress him up the ladder”.

“I am not going to deny -and nor will my players -that there were some explicit words exchanged, but not to the effect of what the referee is saying” Daniel added “If lads were sent off for what was actually said then the game would be abandoned every week, and Campion’s players have also backed that up. We will now lose two vital players for three games. It’s obviously not ideal, but that’s what we will have to deal with off the back of a ref not being 100% honest with himself and holding his hands up”.

“We go again and there will be many more twists and turns. Our season looks like it will be two games longer again this season”

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