ANDERSON: Nobody will give you anything in this league; we have to go out and get it, earn it and that’s our only objective

Too early to be doing the maths yet, but with 8 games left, Knaresborough Town have a 15-point lead over Grimsby Borough and 17 over Eccleshill United (the Eagles have two more games to play than the sides above them) at the top of Toolstation NCEL Division One. On Saturday Retford United-newly off the bottom- rock up at Manse Lane after that victorious goal-fest at Worsborough Bridge in midweek; and Knaresborough’s Gregg Anderson noted the result in Barnsley- and its implications for the game at the weekend, writes Colin Muncie.

Gregg told the Bootiful Game “We welcome Retford to Manse Lane this Saturday for what will be another tough test against a team with everything to play for. We beat them 1-0 at their place early on in the season and I would take another 1-0 win against them on Saturday. They had a great result midweek beating Worsborough by 6 goals to 3 so we are expecting Retford to be confident after that result and come at us, as they- just like us- need all three points, so we will be approaching this game like all the others”.

Credit to Gregg; he’s been pursuing-and delivering on – the one game at a time approach and earned deserved plaudits from Rossington’s Lee Danysz on Tuesday “We are certainly not thinking it’s an easy three points in the bag” he insisted “Nobody will give you anything in this league; we have to go out and get it, earn it and that’s our only objective. Anybody can beat anybody in this league on their given day and there aren’t any easy games, especially at the “business end” of the season”

“We are fully focused on our next target and that is Retford at home. Fingers crossed, we can carry on this great run we are on -and come the final whistle I don’t care how the lads do it: all I want is three points and another game ticked off”.

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