Exciting news as Barton Town announce pitch and stadium improvements

NCEL Premier Division side Barton Town are excited to announce a new contract with their Pitch Maintenance Providers Lawn N Order, also have some news from Swans Chairman Mark Gregory, writes Dean Ross.

There and hundreds of components that come into keeping a football club at it’s best, and the teams performing their best. One of the crucial parts of this is obviously the pitch. Lawn N Order stepped in at the start of the season with a big task of getting Barton’s pitch up to the best standard possible. With that, they have helped improve the ground massively, and amongst the storms and poor weather, Barton have been able to keep up their schedule of games, wherein seasons before they haven’t been able to.

We’re very happy to announce Lawn N Order have signed a new 12 month contract with the club to ensure Barton Town Football Club’s pitch stays in the best condition possible! Barton Reporter Dean Ross spoke to Chairman Mark Gregory about his feelings on this, and his plans for the near future:

“So thanks for joining us Mark, it’s get to speak to you. The pitch conditions at Barton have improved massively since Lawn N Order have been at the club, you must be delighted for them to sign a new 12 month contract with Barton Town Football Club?”

“Yes indeed, we have been very happy with the work they have done so far, as well as saving a lot of time for us at the club. They get on with the job well and our pitch is always ready for gameday, even with sometimes 2 matches being played on a weekend with our Veterans, Reserves and Ladies fixtures. We are sure the pitch will only get better in the years to come and the club is investing as much as it can on to the pitch to ensure we can get the best out of our players.”

“Do you feel the improved pitch conditions have helped the team in some of their big wins at the club this season?”

Yes definitely. The ball is rolling much better now, and our home form has massively improved this season. We’re hoping this helps bring more people down to watch this fantastic team and management, to really put Barton on the map.”

“Looking forward in terms of the future of the club, are there any specific improvements you like to implement for the pitch and even the Stadium as a whole?”

“Absolutely, I’m happy to tell you we are planning to fit drainage on the pitch in the 2019/20 Season, and in the Pre-Season hopefully fitting and moving the Kitchen and Stadium Opening up on the new planned entrance on Pasture Road. These have been some huge plans we’ve had in the works for a while now, and the entrance on Pasture Road will definitely help people get here easier so they can enjoy everything the Easy Buy Stadium has to offer!”

Once again, a huge thanks to Lawn N Order for committing to the club for another 12 months, we’d happily recommend anyone to go have a look over on Lawn N Order’s website and social media links down below. Thanks to Mark Gregory too, we hope to see everyone down at the next fixture!

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