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EXCLUSIVE! Rainworth MW release statement about their future!

We exclusively revealed yesterday that Rainworth MW manager Craig Denton was to step down at the end of the season after the club were “going in a different direction”.

The Bootiful Game spoke to Rainworth vice chairman Steve Peat this morning in a exclusive interview, “We’ve had a committee meeting, we had a look at budgets and the financial situations last year, and have decided to step down.”

The Wrens will effectively take demotion into either the East Midlands Football League or the Central Midlands League, whichever the FA allow.

Steve continued, “Craig (Denton) has achievement both the goals that we set him, a top 10 place and entertaining football, and he has delivered.

“We thank Craig (Denton) and his management team for all their hard work over the passed year.”

You can hear the full interview:

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