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Pirie with an exclusive interview with Bottesford Town manager John Corbett

Bottesford Town manager John Corbett reflects on last night 2-1 win at Hall Road Rangers with Head Of Media Operations Howard Pirie.

HP “Reflections on last night gaffer”
JC “We was outstanding from 1-11 but I thought the back 4 for did ever so well, Lee Ridley showed his leadership qualities and Tom Johnston would shove his head in a cement mixer if I asked him to”
HP “Have you asked him to?”
JC “No I was being rhetorical “
HP “And the season so far?”
JC “We’ve reached last seasons points total with 8 games to go which is outstanding, everything now is a bonus”
HP “Looking forward to the weekend, Pickering is always a tough ask away”
JC “You’re not kidding, that A169 Malton Road is always clogged up with caravaners, don’t get me started on caravaners, next question “
HP “I meant Pickering are a hard team to beat?”
JC “They are when your stuck behind a Swift Conquerer 630 SAL for 30 miles”
HP “What glimpse of hope can you give us for Saturday?”
JC “If we beat Pickering at weekend, I’ll shove a Calypso between my a*** cheeks and jump in Pickering Beck naked “

If there any need for motivation there you have it.

Howard Pirie reporting live from The Launderette, Ashby High Street.

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