North Ferriby looking to ground share to generate vital income…with Travellers!

North Ferriby United were confirmed as relegated last month, but owner Jamie Waltham has come up with a unique method of raising revenue – by looking into operation the ground as a travellers’ site to boost invaluable revenue.

Waltham believes that the move could generate £2,461 a week (46 caravans at £53.50 a week), but the site would be cleared for matchday’s.

However, a member of North Ferriby Parish Council, which owns the Grange Lane ground, says this could not happen under the terms of the lease.

Waltham tol the Hull Daily Mail, “We are currently in talks with council and government officials to satisfy their demand for new travellers’ sites within the East Riding, it’s a real shame only around 1.5 per cent of residents of Ferriby and Swanland support the great level of football on their doorstep and as a result the club is forced to look at new ways to bring in revenue.

“The ground at Ferriby will accommodate 46 caravans at £53.50 a week, that’s £2,461.00 a week which could be a great amount of money to the club, with shower and changing facilities already on site as well as a clubhouse Ferriby’s ground is ideal and local travelling families are already scoping out the site and when we have a game they can just pull off for a few hours and maybe park on the Duke (of Cumberland) car park.

“The only other way is for residents and businesses to back the club by attending games or sponsorship.

“I mean the Co-op, Duke pub and the social club do very well out of our match days but we don’t see a penny which is wrong so North Ferriby may well be the proud owner of a brand new travellers’ site which I think would bring an interesting and diverse culture to the village as well as much needed revenue for the club.”

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