Hey a little worse for ware this morning…but he’s not bothered…PONTE GOING UP!

Eli Hey has been an instrumental part of Pontefract Collieries season, scoring 34 times in all competitions and yesterday they secured promotion to the EvoStik.

A 2-0 win away at “Top Dogs” Maltby Main with goals from Vaughan Redford (29) and Aaron Moxam (86) secured enough points to guarantee promotion, with just three realistically needed for the Championship.

We spoke to Eli this morning who was, say to say, feeling a little rough, “Unbelievabl! I have got a banging headache this morning! We have been wrote off since start of season, everyone said more we had more chance of going down than anything else.

“The Mansfield game  on Wednesday was probably our best all round performance all season which sums us up, to peak in pressure games. It’s only half a job done though we want to win it, coming second is just the first to lose.”

Main photograph by The Dribbling Code

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