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McGuire: Tomorrows postponement makes a mockery of things

Thackley’s Pat McGuire was about to give us his considered preview of tomorrow night’s Toolstation NCEL Premier Division clash at Liversedge when he got news that he’d be having the night off instead. Sedge’s game at Bottesford last night was abandoned after the visitors ran out of fit players-a situation which has recurred on Thursday evening-and whilst Pat is sympathetic to Jon Rimmington’s men, any rescheduling is going to cause disruption for the Dennyboys, writes Colin Muncie.

 Pat told the Bootiful game’s Craig Kendall “Hey mate, our games off tomorrow! I’ve just been speaking with our Secretary and the game’s been moved as Liversedge can’t raise a team. Now that’s no fault of their own as they’ve had a ridiculous schedule to fill, and what happened to them at Bottesford was always going to happen to one of the teams playing back to back games, but now we’re going to lose players of our own as they go away and are unavailable etc. The League have made a real mess of this and now set a precedent that teams can get games rearranged whenever they like. Granted it’s a special circumstance, and I’ll reiterate that this isn’t the fault of Liversedge at all -but it’s becoming a mockery now. It devalues the standard we play at”

“I’m not sure when the game will be rearranged for -but I doubt it is going to be a classic”.

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