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“WHAT A SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS” Bridlington Town Chairman Pete Smurthwaite on ERCFA Senior Cup Final

I have finally been defeated in my efforts to get the most “Prestigious Football Cup Final” in the East Riding to be played at the areas main sporting stadium (KCOM) to keep up with the tradition of many years. People may remember there was an outcry last year when the Stadium Management Company (SMC) refused permission for the ERCFA Senior Cup Final to be played at the KCOM.
The final comments from the SMC were it’s too late to sort out but we will definitely look upon it favourably next season. The final was played at Haworth Park, Hall Road Rangers ground.
The SMC and the ERCFA have had a year to sort out staging of the final at the KCOM and here we are again, no game at the KCOM.
I know Liz Shipp and Doug Waterson (the competition organisers) have done their best as individuals to try and get the final at the KCOM but surely as an organisation the ERCFA could have done more to arrange the game at the KCOM.
A couple of weeks ago I wrote to the Councillor who represents the ward where I live in Hull asking why Hull City Council who own the stadium have no power to overturn the decisions of the SMC with regard to our “COMMUNITY STADIUM”. His reply was “although the contract was drawn up by the Council it seems to have benefited the SMC more than the Council” so sadly he was unable to help with our request and I thanked him for his efforts.
We then received a “glimmer of hope” when I received an email on the 25th April, 2018 from the ERCFA stating that the SMC had offered the game to be played at the KCOM on Saturday 12th May, 2018 but wanted too much money to stage the event. I replied immediately that through the assistance of our club sponsors I could raise £2000.00 + VAT (£2440.00) and this was agreed and I set about raising money which I had almost achieved within 2 days.
I then received an email from the ERCFA dated 27th April 2018 that stated:
“It would appear the SMC and Hull City don’t keep each other informed of arrangements regarding availability of the ground and players?”
Nothing new there then and as a consequence the Cup Final will now be played at the ERCFA Head Quarters, Inglemire Lane, Hull on Tuesday 15th May, 2018 although my company built this facility I would not call it a stadium.
Perhaps I should be the Chairman of Driffield Juniors or Pocklington AFC who are playing the final of the ERCFA Senior Country Cup at a stadium, Queensgate, Bridlington, the home of Bridlington Town AFC where I am sure they will enjoy the experience as players, management, committee and fans and a game to remember.

Peter Smurthwaite
Bridlington Town AFC

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