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BREAKING NEWS! NCEL Premier Division joint manager steps down

NCEL Premier Division side have released a statement tonight’s after Maltby Main’s joint manager Mark Askwith stepped down from his role following the end of the season.

“Last week after the final game of the season we had to reluctantly accept our joint manager Mark Askwith’s resignation from his role due to him taking up brand new full time employment that will involve midweek & weekend shift work patterns that makes it very difficult to be at games, training and monthly meetings.

We wouldn’t expect anyone at our club to sacrifice work and family life for the game and club; and the way “Askey” took on his role meant he wouldn’t be happy being a bit part.

We cannot thank his services enough. Two spells with us and he has overseen a seventh and fifth place finish in the league. Helped bring in players who’ve been successful and has been a big part of the club.

His local football knowledge and expectations of his playing staff was an integral part of why we did so well with him in the dugout and it’ll be hard to replace. He knows what the club was all about and how we like to do things.

He was often the one spotting what changes could be made during a game and offered substitute and formation choices that has earned us points.

So, thanks for everything Askey and we wish you well in your new job.

Of course; like all people who have to call it a day with us you are welcome back anytime to watch when you’re on a day off! Make sure you do pal; you’ll be missed.

Because we were made aware of Mark’s intentions so soon after the season finished we have been keen to act on bringing someone in to work with Scott and John to recreate the “Main Trio” that has been a success with Askey.

The new team management member will work as Assistant Manager to Scott Mason alongside John Crossland. It’s a great appointment!

More on this on Monday evening……”

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