3-year plan of Youth & Experience key to Rangers next season

It was a difficult 2017/18 campaign for NCEL Premier Division side Hall Road Rangers after they suffered a 12-point deduction which plunged them deep into trouble- but a string of superb results and performances help guide them to safety.

Manager Bill Gill told us, “I’m not promising players league titles & huge budgets but we will surprise a few people & target local cups what I’m offering is a player centred environment that has fantastic facilities & good people around the club.

“My ethos has always been getting the best out of a player regardless of their age and putting them together with other players & creating a family like environment that will hopefully be successful on and off the pitch be it now or in 3 seasons time.

“Our work here is not about here and now it’s a much longer journey. Most clubs and managers are looking at now but we are trying to develop young local players to play at the highest level possible whether that’s with us in the future or other teams playing higher.

“What’s instrumental to this is other players that are experienced in the team, the club the environment and people around the club without this it’s a difficult task.

“I would like to think we are going in the right direction at the moment, we will have challenges and bumps in the road that’s natural, players are often short sighted they like to feel wanted and often money is temptation and this is something that clubs on lower budgets cannot compete with.

“This season so far we have lost 3/4 players and bring in 2/3 young players from the clubs youth system again, this will increase our youth input to around 5 players under 19 around the squad next year.

“We see this as a massive achievement.Further to this we also have 13 players signed up for trials pre-season, these are a mixture of experienced and young local talent we have identified.

“All of pre season planning, training & friendlies are complete and we have re-structured the 19s and reserves putting people in the right places as well as players in the right places.”

“We are all very excited about the season we are out to raise some eyebrows with our philosophy and youth ethos, we resume 23 June anyone interested in becoming part of a local club either as a player or helping around the place please get in touch.”

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