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2018/19 FA Cup (1st 7 Rounds) & all FA Vase Dates confirmed!

The FA have confirmed the round dates for the Emirates 2018/19 FA Cup. The dates are as following:

11th Aug – Extra Prelim

25th Aug – Prelim

8th Sep – 1st Rd Qual

22nd Sep – 2nd Rd Qual

6th Oct – 3rd Rd Qual

20th Oct – 4th Rd Qual

10th Nov – 1st Rd

The Buildbase FA Vase Round dates are as follows:

1st Sep – 1st Rd Qual

15th Sep – 2nd Rd Qual

13th Oct – 1st Rd

3rd Nov – 2nd Rd

1st Dec – 3rd Rd

5th Jan – 4th Rd

2nd Feb – 5th Rd

23rd Feb – 6th Rd

16th March – Semi L1

23rd March – Semi L2

19th May – Final

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