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You won’t believe how much a Yellow Card fine is in the Premier League and all other Division’s!

You’ve seen referee’s flash yellow cards throughout the football pyramid but did you know just how much the fine is.

Well, to start with it is not actually a fine, it is an admin charge from The FA.

A yellow card in Sunday League football results in a £10 “fine”, whilst in Non-League football it is exactly the same – £10.

Players in the top few tiers of Non-league football are earning upwards of £500 so a £10 fine isn’t really reflective but this is what the admin fee is.

Now here comes the reason you’re here to read the article – now the yellow card “fines” for all EFL and Premier League clubs, is, yes that’s right, £10!

We have enquired about Red Card fines and have been told it’s a minimum of £35 depending on the County FA’s and Red Card’s in the Premier League are based on player wages.

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