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EvoStik side deducted 12 points, dropped 10 places and fined 6 weeks after end of season!

The Football Association has deducted 12 points from EvoStik Premier Division side Rushall Olympic’s record last season and imposed a fine of £100 for playing an ineligible player in the EVO-STIK League.

A statement from the EvoStik site says, “The FA sanctioned the club on Wednesday after upholding their appeal against the decision of the Northern Premier League under Rule 6.9 covering ineligible players to deduct 12 points, impose a minimum fine of £100 and apply costs of £120 for playing Dominic Dell in 17 league fixtures when his contract registration had not been approved in accordance with league and FA rules.

The FA had previously brought charges against the club in respect of the matter and found them to be in breach of FA Rule E.1 (b). Setting aside the NPL’s decision in its entirety at Wembley, the FA’s Appeal Board cited their right under Regulation 3.3 (2) to exercise any power which the body against whose decision the appeal was made could have exercised.

The final EVO-STIK League Premier Division table for the 2017-18 season has now been updated to reflect the decision of the FA and there will be no further statement on the matter from the NPL.”



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