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Torquay release statement after Gowling claims he’d be fined for attending funeral

It must be a difficult time for National League player Josh Gowling as his best friends father has just passed away – but a message on Gowling’s Twitter says that his club, Torquay United will fine him if he goes for the funeral.

What does the law say?

A piece on states: “The legal guidelines set out by the Government talks about ‘time off for dependants’, but as this only refers to emergencies, if your employer is particularly strict, they may not give you time off if you knew the person was ill.

“Most employers will allow employees to take unpaid leave to attend funerals, although they may allow it to be paid time if the person concerned was a close relative, next of kin or dependant.”

The website then advises: “Wherever possible, give your employer notice of your plan to take time off for a funeral as they will probably need to arrange additional cover.

“It can be difficult to remember at this time that your workplace still needs to continue, which can make your boss or line manager seem rather harsh in these circumstances.”

Statement from the club:

Torquay United is aware of a comment made by Josh Gowling on social media and we have requested this be deleted, as our enquiries show this post to be inaccurate and misleading. An internal investigation has been initiated.


It would appear that Gowling has since removed the tweet.

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