Davey has been a busy man over the summer as optimism returns to Station View!

Harrogate Railway Athletic have been in turmoil over the last couple of years following their relegation to the NCEL from the EvoStik but since manager Brian Davey came in in the summer the opitism has returned to Station View.

“I am looking forward to it [new season]. I looked at about 50 to 60 players over the last 6 weeks got squad down to about 18.

“Craig and Hirsty done a great job of getting them in shape. Kept 3 from last year everybody else gone: Michael Thompson, Adam Carter and Josh Underwood.

“We have been a total rebuilding job and have resigned Aly Wilson and Frazer Lancaster. We have also brought in Andy Sunley, Luke Macrumb, Simon Swales and Sean Hunter from Garforth Town. Also Joel Freeston, Graham Whitehead and Lewis Pye from Knaresborough Town.

“Also bringing in old favourites Matty Duerden and Fatlum Ibrahimi. And a small group of U23’s who will get there chance as have been involved already pre-season and done really well.”

Main photograph by @CaughtLight.

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