Rimmington frustrated as season looms

Its just eight days until the NCEL season starts and Liversedge manager Jonathan Rimmington will be hoping that it goes smoother than last; pretty much any season in effect will be better.

Rimmington spoke to their website within the last hour, “I caught up with the manager today and as always there is no holding anything back. Here is what he said “The club is moving on quite quickly, its amazing from where we finished and to where we are now.

“The end of the season debacle left a very unsavoury taste in all our mouths and some people who say they are football people need to take a good long hard look at themselves.

“The league did what they had to do at the end of the day but again things need to be learnt.

“Anyhow lets get onto the positives of keeping most of our players, keeping big Joe Walton was massive but the Branny’s, Jacko’s, Brooky, Azza, the Davies twins, Kingy and Lumby were brilliant for us.

“Then adding the players like Sam Akeroyd, Dec Dawson, Red Bates and now Adi joining plus players like Kurtis Noble, Jacob Buchanan, Brad Riley, Ste Wales.

“I know some are injured but they are all still with us. There will be another announcement later I believe, and it is another quality footballer.

“I also have a couple of irons in the fire but we are now nearly there. We have also signed a few of the U23’s as there is some good lads in the group, so things are looking ok.

“I am frustrated though as most of our pre-season games were planned at home then we decided to demolish half the club house but it needed doing, Our pitch also is of some concern as we didn’t plan on this weather and we have not been able to do any of the planned maintenance work, we plan now to do it in September when hopefully it will be a little more wet; can you believe I’m saying that we want it wet…haha!”

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