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Open & honest statement from Milligan as he steps down after Winterton thrashing

Following on from today’s 8-1 thrashing by Winterton Rangers, Rossington Main manager Duncan Milligan has stepped down after three months in charge.

In an open and honest statement, Duncan said, “Emotions all over the place at the moment really, to be fair to Winterton they are a cracking side as good as we’ve seen this season and they have a mix of strength and clever footballers which won’t see them too far of winning the league this year, .

“I wish them well and I have one or two friends at that club which I hope for their sakes they can maintain their current performances.

“From our point of view we were missing players through injury and other commitments which certainly didn’t help our cause.

“However all any manager can ask at this level or any level come to think of it is that you give a 100 percent and respect the badge you play for.

“I’ve spoke to the chairman after the game and had a good long chat, I’ve discussed where I think my flaws are, where the current players flaws are and where the club as a hole falls short at the moment and that something is just not working.

“I’ve been open and honest and told him I’m lucky enough to work in football full time and the way NCEL football is going I’m not sure it is for me.

“The club and its volunteers deserves better…I saw a fellow manager moan about players away on holidays etc and I totally have to agree.

“Unfortunately a big percentage of players don’t seem to have the desire to want to commit to training and playing for a club July – may nowadays and its a real shame, especially when so many people out there work for their clubs and give their time up 24/7.

“The standard of officiating needs to improve, and again I hate to moan about this area of the game because it is the hardest job in football but it seems whoever shouts the loudest gets the decisions.

“I’ve been fortunate to have two great clubs to work with at this level in Worksop and Rossington, and there is many people at both clubs who deserve medals never mind wages and they are the unsung heroes!”

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