Sibson has some choice words for the Official after 4-3 Barton loss!

It was a hum-dinger of a game at the Easy Buy Stadium on Saturday afternoon as Yorkshire Amateur came out on the wrong side of a 7-goal thriller against Barton Town.

Ammas went behind early on, but equalised on the half-hour mark. However a goal just before the break, followed by two around the hour-mark saw Barton take charge.

The Leeds based side came back fighting with two late goals but Barton held on, but Ammas manager Neil Sibson’s main focus was the man in the middle, “It’s difficult to take today as we have trained well all week in prep for today’s game but only to be undone by poor decision making from the man in the middle .We lost the game so the neutrals who read this article may think it’s sour grapes but it’s not because we won a game two weeks ago against Harrogate and the ref owned up to making a major mistake in that one and I highlighted that in my match report to BG the inconsistency in officials at this level .

“Incident 1:Our player is through on goal after riding a clumsy challenge and rifles the ball into the top corner only for the ref to bring it back for a foul on our player ? Advantage rule does it exist ? Of course it does well it didn’t today!

“Incident 2: My player makes a reckless challenge border line red but have seen yellows given.
Opposition player runs 30 yards and grabs my player by the throat and receives a yellow.

“I ask the ref about his performance at half time where I told him he’s the worst ref I’ve seen this year so he then decides to send me off may I add I didn’t use any foul language just giving my opinion in a game that is opinion based.

“We are down to ten men and no manager for 50 minutes because of inconsistency by the man in the middle .

“Despite that we played some great football and missed six very good chances to put the game to bed. Credit to Barton they threw there bodies on the line in defence. We gave away 2 free kicks and got punished by sloppy defending in the box conceding from both !

“I have nothing but praise for my lads today for there work ethic and commitment despite playing most of the game with 10 men and we will take the many positives into Tuesday night .

“It was a cracking game of football despite us being a man down as both sides liked to play it the right way .

“We received plenty of praise from the Barton camp on our efforts today and I’m proud of my lads as at 4-1 down with 10 men a lot of teams would have crumbled .

“No need to panic just yet but please give us a some consistency with the officials as it Seems it’s a lottery each week .

“Maybe it was because the ref assessor was in attendance again!”

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