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Ogilvie blasts officials after late Ammies goal breaks Rail hearts

Harrogate Railway Manager Craig Ogilvie took no prisoners as he gave The Bootiful Game a no holds barred assessment of his side’s 2-1 defeat at the hands of Yorkshire Amateur, although his obvious anger was aimed at the officials after Fernando Moke won the game for the visitors deep into injury time, writes Ian Robinson.

“Congratulations to Yorkshire Ammers. I really hope they go on and win the league as I’ve a lot of friends at the club and hope they do the business come May.

“Do I think we deserved 3 points from the game? No. Did we deserve a point, yes I think we did. We’ve battled and stayed organised for 95 minutes and unfortunately we’ve conceded with 15 seconds left. Where 5 minutes of injury time came from only the man in black will know as he only told me 3 minutes to put up on the board, yet they’ve scored in the 5th minute. From me praising the officials last week I’m back to square one.

“The referee pulled up injured after 44 minutes and I thought it might have helped both teams as he was dreadful for both, giving out bookings like they were trying to fund the Xmas party. The new referee was doing ok until he forgot how to tell the time and it leaves me frustrated, annoyed and all the rest. You ask questions, they don’t want to answer, some officials feel above you, like you have to worship them. If I performed in my job the way they do in theirs, I’d be sacked.

“I would however like to thank Sean (Ammers Coach) who stepped in to run the other line on the far side and help out too.

“Like I say though, congratulations to Sibbo, Skinny and his team on the 3 points. We’ll lick our wounds and move onto next week against Albion Sports.”

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