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Pirie going incognito to NuBuild Stadium on Tuesday

Tougher than the rest, Bottesford Town’s Head of Media Operations Howard Pirie will be hoping for the cover of some darkness on the edge of town as he carries out his promise to travel- -incognito –to watch his beloved Poachers. Tomorrow night, Howard will be praying for a little darkness on the edge of the Yorkshire NuBuilds as Bottesford head to an appointment with the Toolstation NCEL Premier Division leaders Hemsworth Miners Welfare-and not only is Howard trying to keep a lower profile, he’s stopped forecasting the score too, writes Colin Muncie.

Reflecting on Bottesford’s fine home win over Eccleshill last weekend, Howard gave TBG his views on the impact of midweek fixtures on Non-League footballers “A great performance on Saturday sets us up for an away trip to top-of-the- table Hemsworth. I am not predicting what will happen -because I will be wrong. The nature of midweek games is a lottery due to work patterns and squad depths ; there have been some odd midweek results so far this season -and tomorrow will probably be no different”.

Howard had good news on the Poachers selection options “Henri Cook should be okay after Hulk Hogan gave him a forearm smash on Saturday” he reported “ When we’ve got our main spine, we are a match for anyone”.

“I myself shall be so cunningly disguised, my own DNA wouldn’t recognise me” Howard explained .

“As in the words of Bruce Springsteen, I shall have a “Brilliant Disguise.”

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