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Davy is “excited” in his new role with The Owls

UEFA “A” Licensed coach Jon Davy was announced as joint Assistant Manager at EvoStik Premier Division East side Cleethorpes Town on Saturday morning and the former Scunthorpe United apprentice is looking forward to the challenge.

Speaking on Saturday to OwlsFM, “It’s exciting. Dave’s [Smith, new Cleethorpes Town manager] been around, he knows the players. Me, being the new boy as such coming into the club – it’s only been about eighteen months now – I’m excited to be a part of it. It was good under Marcus [Newell]. Marcus was a different manager. Dave being something different, my role is going to change slightly. I’m going to be a little bit more hands on than I was.

“I’ll probably have a little share of the background but I’ll be there to support David, from supporting the players technically, tactically, developing their conditioning, looking from more of the science side, their performance and analysis part and seeing how we can identify strengths and weaknesses in our play and in the oppositions’ play and tailor that into our training. We can maybe find those games that Matty was just talking about.

“It’s going to be nice hopefully if we get a result today. It will be nice next week to hit the training ground for a couple of nights. We’ve been very busy with cup games and league games, where it’s kind of been bang, bang, bang! It will be nice to get on the training ground and maybe implement some of our new ideas as a management team going forward.”

“We’ve got ideas. I think we’ll see today when the game starts that Dave has a new or different idea in how we’re going to approach the game. Our ideas around training will be built on that. The training that the guys took on Thursday was good. As a group, when we do train, their attitude is first class.

Jon Davey during the warm up ahead of their League clash with Tadcaster Albion. Daniel North in tow, looking on.

“The players that we’ve brought in this year have really upped the professionalism as a group. They demand more so we’re here then to deliver that. We’re training hard. They’ve got a great attitude so I’m sure they’ll take on board our new ideas.”

With a Lincolnshire Senior Cup Final on the horizon (6th November against Stamford AFC at The New Linden) Jon is hoping that their Cup form translates into the league, “I think you can look at our season 50/50 at the minute. We’re a good side in the Cup side of it; the bad side’s probably been our league form.

We’re a little bit inconsistent and probably our first task as a group is to get that consistency, game in game out, week in week out. When we get that consistency the results will come. And the results we probably deserve!

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