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OUTRAGEOUS! Young Ref leaves pitch in tears following insults from fans!

A young Referee we are led to believe in Spain has walked off the pitch in tears after reportedly receiving a tirade of abuse from fans.

The youngster, believed to be around 17, left the field very distressed after abuse aimed towards the Referee got too much for him.

We have spoke to Referee Danny Guest in the last couple of weeks and approached him about recent managerial comments but this is another subject that we will be discussing.

Ref Support UK, which has a dedicated helpline for referees to contact if they require help or advice, say that another strike is being considered and now want the FA’s Respect campaign to proactively introduce a range of initiatives to specifically help referees. These include body cameras for referees, to act both as a deterrent and means of evidence, and for any assault reports to be immediately referred to the police. They would also like to see fines from abusive behaviour to be considered for projects to support referees.


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