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HINDLEY is apoplectic: “Never been so embarassed…changes will happen!”

Rossington Main went down 3-0 on Saturday to NCEL high flyers Grimsby Borough and in true Ryan Hindley style – he didn’t hold back in his assessment.

The young (ish) manager told media guru Russell Sheppard, “Never been so embarrassed, first half performance. If this magnificent football club and the great Chairman and committee and the people who work their nuts off, including me, Stu and Tom, will know that is not acceptable. And it won’t be accepted. Changes will happen.

“I’ve just told them that there will be changes on Tuesday. Kids aren’t good enough. We’ve taken a few gambles and it’s not their fault. You know, we can only play the deck that we’ve got but I can’t condone that performance first half. That game should have been 0-0. Two goals we’ve gifted them. It’s never a penalty and neither side’s raised a real glove to each other. But credit to Grimsby. They took their chances and they’ve got good strikers top end of the pitch. They’re better than us.

“But we’re changing the top end of the pitch. And hopefully we can announce something over the weekend. We’ve got to get better. We’ve missed Dec today and there are changes. There’s got to be. Harry’s bounced back – he’s a man. We need to bring some mesters in because I’m watching kids’ football that are wrapped in cotton wool. They either become men or they’re never going to be footballers or semi-professional footballers that are being paid to play.

“Seniors need to step up. I think Tuesday may have taken a lot out of them but you’ve had Wednesday, Thursday, Friday to recover and Saturday morning. So I’m not going to use that as an excuse. Tuesday means nothing now! We’re in a dog fight and we need to get better. And we need to get some players in that are better than what we’ve got because, for me, we’re not really good enough! We’ve not offered anything. We’ve not done anything.

“There are two players who come off with any sort of credit today and that’s Jordan Lindley, who I thought did really well, and Rob Ludlum did alright. The rest of them, I’d replace them all if I could.

“Stokesy did alright when he got involved. Woolly did alright when he got involved but you’ve got to do the other side of the coin and if you can’t do the other side of the coin then it’s a tough, tough league.

“There’s no talent in it! I haven’t seen a player yet where I’ve thought “he’s not bad”. There are one or two for Grimsby – listen, I’d take 1 to 11 from Grimsby – but we’re just gifting teams goals and it’s embarrassing and nothing’s changing so I’ve got to change it! And it will be done but I can’t accept that first half performance.

“Second half they did alright. They didn’t concede.”

Not much going forward though, are they?

“No, no! We could be here until next Tuesday and we wouldn’t have scored. Ormsey’s up there on his own. We brought young Callum on who, again, is not ready and that’s not his fault. You know, we have to have a look at people and you give them opportunities and, you know, he has done okay. Curtis Mann’s come on and he’s done alright. He’ll stay with it. He’ll stay in and around it but we’ve got to get some mesters. We’re not in trouble but we’re not far away. Like I said, I don’t want to go and win the Senior Cup and get relegated so, for me, Tuesday means nothing.”

Is Dec back on Tuesday as well?

“Yes. Dec’s back; Harry’s back. Two new signings will hopefully both be available so I can guarantee that’s four changes to be made straight away. And some of the people that have played today – one or two, I’ll not name names – will not play for this football club again! No goers! No good ‘un needs to make a tackle and, you know, in half-decent comfortable possession, keeping it away and giving it back to them. If you keep giving good sides the ball you get punished.

“As I say… one of my famous sayings is: “I need some mesters!” and it’s time to go and get some so, you know, I’m going to be busy this week. And some people might be in for a bit of a shock!”

All photographs by Off The Bench (Russell Sheppard).

A huge thank you to Ellie Dalglish for transcribing.

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