DENTON talks Barton draw, player performances and…if he had a magic stick!

After a late equaliser earned his side a point in a 2-2 draw at home to Barton Town, Bootiful Game editor Craig Kendall and new writer Ellie Dalglish caught up with Tigers’ manager Craig Denton to get his take on a point which moved his side into the top five –and with games in hand. Read on for the full Q and A with the Sandy Lane boss, write Craig Kendall and Ellie Dalglish for the Bootiful Game.

Ellie: I’m just after your thoughts on yesterday’s game please!

Where do I start? From my interview after the game on Worksop Town’s website, you can see that I’m slightly disappointed. I’m not actually disappointed in the point that we got, I was disappointed in the performance of the players.

We’ve been playing a system and a way in recent weeks. I’ve not really changed the style or how we’ve set up against teams and we’ve obviously been successful in how we’ve done that because we’ve got the points to prove it. I think we’re unbeaten in six in the League

We stuck to the plan -but we just weren’t at the races today, to be honest.

Craig Kendall; What have you put that down to?

There are times when I have to be accountable -or the management team does- in our decision-making but unfortunately yesterday was down to the players. That’s not me coming out and hanging my players out to dry because that’s what I don’t do and my players know that. I’m honest but we just didn’t perform. If I had a magic stick and I knew exactly where to pinpoint, I wouldn’t be a manager in the Northern Counties Premier; I’d be a Manager higher up the league! And so would the players; if they don’t make mistakes and they can’t perform consistently, they’d probably be playing in a higher league. We have to know at the level we are at in terms of football.

That still doesn’t take away that we’re disappointed that we’ve not performed like we know we can do.

Ellie: On the flip side, it’s another point on the board against a decent side.

Yes, exactly. Emotions were quite high after the game and I’m bitterly disappointed. Then you have a look at the table and we’re fifth, 30 [goals] from twelve [games] and with 24 points on the board so it will be interesting to see where Worksop Town have been in recent seasons. I think we’re in a quite strong position. We’ve got Yorkshire Amateur at the top of the league that has played five more games than us. We’ve still got games in hand over the teams above us. I know we’ve got to win them to get those points but I think we’re in a strong position.

The only positive I can probably take away from recent weeks is our “never say die” attitude and how we work really hard and continue to try and get something from each game. So, as a positive, yes we got a point but Barton were a great side yesterday. They really put a performance in and they moved the ball really well. That’s obviously credit to their Management team and David Ricardo. It’s testament to them because they played good football.

I get picked upon a few times with regard to our style or formation but I can only look at the results and the table and what we’ve been doing has been successful. Sometimes it’s not always pleasing on the eye but it’s a results business and I want to get as many points on the board. We’re open to changing things and we look at our preparations through the week. That’s when you’re disappointed when the performance doesn’t go your way. You re-evaluate and have a look where you can improve as a Manager, a coach and as a player.

We all have to re-evaluate and we all have to learn where we can just a little bit more.

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