BREAKING NEWS! Exciting times for Hemsworth who link up with Wakefield Trinity

Never a club to rest on its laurels, Hemsworth Miners Welfare is taking its community engagement to another level this evening by concluding a partnering arrangement with Wakefield Trinity. Wells’ charismatic Chairman, Richard Norman, was delighted to reveal the exciting tie–up to Craig Kendall and Ellie Dalglish from The Bootiful Game.

Richard takes up the story. “We’re developing a Ladies’ section within the club by joining forces with Wakefield Trinity, who are going down the route of doing multi-sports,” Richard told us. “So they are creating Wakefield Trinity Ladies FC. They will play at Hemsworth Miners Welfare, as their home ground. We have done a five-year deal where they actually move in. It’s not just going to be about a ladies’ team but about creating a pathway from junior girls all the way up to the first team. It will also include working with Wakefield College to provide more girls’ and ladies’ football.”

“The deal will see the Ladies’ club pay Hemsworth a little money but basically it means that more people will be coming to the club with more spending in the bar,” Richard explained. “It gives the opportunity for games against teams like Leeds United Ladies and Ossett United Ladies to be at our ground. It’s the first time I think a professional rugby club has been involved in a multi-sports activity, which is probably the main interest in a news story for Sky Sports, who cover the Rugby League quite extensively.”

Richard agrees that Hemsworth will benefit from the publicity but sees that outcome as being of second order. “Yes, it’s about corporate and social responsibility and making a real difference to the local community,” he told us. “It’s about marketing the facilities too – and people who come to the ground to watch one sport might want to come back and watch everything else as well.”

Richard revealed that the deal had already been done – and he was giving Ellie and Craig a bit of a scoop. “The deal has actually happened this evening [Tuesday 19 November 2018] and was signed off at 7:30 p.m.” he confided. “The Bootiful Game has been very supportive to the club so we wanted to keep you informed – along with everybody else – as to what the latest news is. For our club, the ground’s being used all the time. There are plenty of girls and ladies who want to play football so joining forces with the local college as well means there’s a pathway for girls to play top level football.”

“I think they’ll stay in the same league as they are now [North East Regional Women’s Football League Premier Division],” Richard explained further, “they’re playing under Wakefield Ladies FC at the moment, playing at Nostell. The idea is they’ll eventually get into the same league as Leeds United so that will be a massive game for the club in terms of being played down at the Nu Builds Stadium.”

Richard agreed that it was a massive step up for his club. “Absolutely! But thanks again for all your support.”

Best wishes to all at Hemsworth Miners Welfare and good luck with this exciting new project.

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