Hindley setting the bar high as Rosso win again!

There’s one very happy manager just outside of Doncaster this evening as Ryan Hindley is beaming from ear to ear after his Rossington Main side came from behind to defeat Armthorpe Welfare 3-1 in the #DoncasterDerby.

He spoke to Russell Sheppard straight after the game, “Yes, happy with that! I thought in the first 25 minutes we were terrible. We didn’t lay a glove on them and if they’d have gone 2-0 up we couldn’t have argued. Then a little bit of silliness when one of their players gets a red card and allows us back in the game. But Dents [Alex Denton] has done what we pay him to do! He took his first goal really well then took his second goal well. A bit of quality.
We had to change our shape. We were getting overrun. We weren’t winning headers. We weren’t winning tackles.

“After 25 minutes we got into our stride a little bit and I thought we were excellent in the second half. We played some great stuff. Our shape was good; we communicated. They did everything I’d asked them to do and I think that’s why we got three points.

A well-earned rest next week as well?

“Yes, I think so! They’re going to have their Christmas party, I think. You’ve got to do something. But if you play to those levels and you work hard, we’ll look after you. They won’t be in potentially two or three times next week; they’ll be in on Wednesday. Because we understand that they’ve got families, they’ve got stuff to do, they work hard and that’s what we need o: we need to look after them.

“After next Saturday we’re playing Tuesday, Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday all the way through December so we need to look after them. We’ve got some tired legs in there. They worked to their maximum second half.

Dec looked bright.

“Yes, Dec [Howe] looked well when he came on but that’s what we want him to do. We want him to be lively. I think my two holding midfielders were excellent today. Once they got into the swing of things they performed really, really well.
I thought fair play to Armthorpe first half. They came out as they were winning headers. Their 5 to be fair in getting sent off has played into our hands because he was excellent in winning everything and we couldn’t lay a glove on him. Then he’s walked and we’ve scored straight away.

“I think it was 1-1 when he got sent off. Then we got into our stride a little bit and I think we deserved the three points.

Is [Jason] Stokes injured?

“No, he’s just tired and old and everything else that comes with heading towards or just into his thirties!
But no, I’m happy tonight. We’ve done what I’ve asked, we’ve kept our shape and, second half, we’ve won headers, we’ve won tackles and we’ve been clinical where we needed to be. So yes, I’ll take that! We are setting standards now and we’ve jumped up a few places. We need to kick on and we need to see who’s above us next and we need to get above them.

“We’ve need to beat East Yorkshire Carnegie. We’ve got a run of games now where we need to continue at those levels and tweak a few bits, we could go on a really good run and suddenly you’re in the top eight! If we can get this Chairman of this fantastic football club in the FA Cup then I’ll be absolutely over the moon!

“We take it a game at a time and we respect our opponents. We hopefully come out of the traps – I think it’s a week on Tuesday – and get three points and work hard and stick to doing what we’re doing.
But we can’t give teams chances and we’ve given them a chance today. We’ve gifted a goal through not defending right so that’ll be my negative. But the plus is, after that, we’ve been excellent.”

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