Defibrillator saves young player’s life!

Recently NCEL Division One side Rossington Main have been crowdfunding for a defibrillator and this story from EvoStik side Stocksbridge Park Steel shows just why one should always be available.

It was just another ordinary Sunday morning football match when Stocksbridge Park Steels’ Under 15 yellows took on Maltby Main Junior Football Club. Unfortunately the drama that followed was not envisaged. One of the Stocksbridge Park Steels FC players collapsed after having a heart attack on the field.

“This letter from his mother is to make people aware of the potential tragedies that could occur to anyone whilst playing sport and she wants to thank all those who contributed in saving her son’s life.

“This is the letter that his mother has written:

“My husband and I want to thank everyone who was at the match on Sunday.

“Everyone contributed in saving my son’s life, from the referee who knew a defibrillator existed, the parents who ran speedily to bring it, the parents who lined the route for the ambulance to gain access, plus of course the nurses and our Coach Nick that started giving him CPR at the scene, bringing him back to life. Their quick thinking not only saved his life but brought him back to us without any mental deficits.

He is recovering amazingly and is spending time in hospital at the Leeds General Infirmary, where they are investigating what caused his cardiac arrest. This lifesaving piece of equipment is priceless.

“If we have learnt anything from the tragic event please let it be that these defibrillators need to be in every sports ground, school and street corner.”

From all of us at Stocksbridge Park Steels Football Club, we want to wish the player a speedy recovery and that we are going to ensure safety is a priority for everyone.

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