“Rock, Paper and Scissors” Referee had done it BEFORE!

David McNamara, the referee behind “Rock, paper, scissors “gate”” had done it before is has been revealed.

McNamara received a 21 day ban from the FA for using the system rather than a coin toss ahead of the Women’s Super League encounter between Manchester City and Reading.

It was announced earlier that TalkSPORT had learned that he had done it on multiple occasions before.

Initially, it was suggested David McNamara had forgotten his coin and had to think on his feet in the centre circle before Manchester City vs Reading on 26 October.

The suspension prompted hundreds of referees to use rock, paper, scissors at grassroots matches in support of Mr McNamara, believing he had been punished for an innocent mistake.

Martin Cassidy, CEO of Ref Support UK has released the following statement:

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  1. I think that the statement from Refsupport captures the thoughts of many of us involved in officiating football. If the FAs decision was based on a number of similar incidents then they should have come out and said so. If nitbthevpunishment if three weeks is draconian

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