DENTON: “Hopefully we are giving them [the fans] back what they deserve.”

On paper it looked like an easy afternoon for Craig Denton and his Worksop Town side as three second half goals brushed aside Bradford based Albion Sports but it was less than straight forward.

“I’m really pleased with the three points and not conceding, having a clean sheet, which is great. We move on to the next gamenext Saturday and hopefully we continue to put in that performance we have done today. Yep, really pleased!

“We weren’t the greatest in the first half. That comes collectively from myself and the players but we outlined that at half time. I think I got a great reaction in the second half and our quality really showed. I thought Matt Sykes always showed a threat and, when Connor Brunt came on, Connor offered lots for us and he reaped the rewards in getting a goal.

“I thought we were really solid defensively. Again our defence was really resilient and they didn’t give Albion a sniff, which is positive.

It’s your fifth clean sheet this season, which takes you third in the standings for not conceding. You must be delighted with that as well.
“Every manager’s going to be delighted in not conceding goals. It’s something we want to happen week in, week out. We work really hard in terms of our defensive unit and how we play.

“Sometimes people will be watching it and not understand what we’re trying to achieve. There is a logic behind it. It might not always be really pleasing on the eye. It might not be the team we show on the front foot – attacking football – but we know that we’re really good at defending.

“We know we’ve got quick players. We know we’ve got good technical players at the club and I’m really delighted on the run of games we’ve had in picking up the points.

“Also massively it’s the performances from our players; absolute never say die attitude, keep playing to the last minute. Today, when the first goal went in, it could probably have finished four or five, to be honest. We’re just delighted and it’s great for us, going on this brilliant run.

With the weather turning, today’s attendance was the fourth biggest league attendance for Worksop Town since they came back into the Northern Counties for a December game. How important are the fans?
“Like I’ve said before, the fans for us are the driving force of the football club. Without the fans there wouldn’t be a Worksop Town. That’s not a cliché; it literally wouldn’t happen. Without Worksop Town fans coming and paying their hard earned money to come and watch their local team, the club wouldn’t exist.

“It’s huge for the town to see the fans coming out and supporting the club. I actually commented on the game attendance from the other week – I think we got 450 – so 350 today was a little bit low. Like you said, it’s a cold 1st December and Sheffield United played at home. It think it’s a big difference to when we got the 450 – I think that was an international game – but it’s just huge.

“It’s lovely to be putting points on the board and making the town really proud of their football club because I know it’s not always been like that in recent seasons. So, yes, I’m really delighted that fans are turning up in their hundreds and backing this club. Hopefully we are giving them back what they deserve.”

Main photograph by Lynda Blackshaw.

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