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Hindley brands last nights performance as “Shambolic” as Rosso lose to Shirebrook

A 4-1 loss to Shirebrook Town last night left Rossington Main manager Ryan Hindley upset and disappointed as his side choreographed a “shambolic” performance leaving Hindley less than impressed as he spoke to Russell Sheppard straight after the game.

“The first twenty minutes have killed us. I’ll hold my hands up to that. I knew they played a back three so I thought we’d play a back three and we looked all over the place. I’ll hold my hands up to that. I’m as honest as a day’s long in terms of that.

“We just got overrun and we deserved to be! We deserved to be 4-0 down. Then, after 35 minutes, we started to play a bit and we got a goal. In the second half they’ve not laid a glove on us and we’ve not really penetrated. We’ve not really offered anything tonight and we deserve to get absolutely nothing.

“Things will have to change. We’ve been on a good run but we’ve come here and we’ve just not adapted, we’ve not listened. We just got beat up the first 25 minutes and that’s why we’ve lost the football game. We just weren’t good enough and we didn’t have enough to change it.

“We’ve too many big players missing. One of our key defenders turning up at five past eight. Our main striker who has been in a rich vein of form is struggling with his quad. We’ve just offered nothing. I’m just quite glad it was only four!

“We need to get better. Hopefully they’ll learn from it and they’ve got to learn quickly! A couple of lads have done alright tonight. I’ve just said in there I’ll name names… Harry Bam’s done well. Joe Handley has done alright. Callum Fielding’s kept us in it at times and looking like the ‘keeper I know and think a lot about. But then the rest… well! It’s just shambolic.

“But I look at myself. I’ll hold my hands up and we probably won’t play three at the back again any time soon! But we’ll brush ourselves down. Games come thick and fast. The boys know that they’ve not performed: they don’t need me to keep beating them up about it. A couple of times – maybe more – with where we are and the squad that we have, we’re going to have these nights.

“Saturday’s going to need a reaction – and a big reaction – because East Yorkshire are on a good run so, fingers crossed, we’ll sort it out. I’ll do everything I can to prepare right and they’ve got to prepare right and make sure they do the right job and they fight to get three points on Saturday to rectify that shambolic effort I’ve just watched for 90 minutes!

“It won’t happen again!”

One thought on “Hindley brands last nights performance as “Shambolic” as Rosso lose to Shirebrook

  1. I remember this manager publicly trashing the young kids off not so long ago after Rossington lost. I’m assuming the experienced lads are going to get the same.

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