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Rangers re-sign promising young striker

When youngster Reggie Waud left Hall Road Rangers just seven weeks ago, Rangers boss was upset that he had lost one of the region’s best up and coming striker – but this evening it has been announced that he is back!

“I’m delighted to see the return of Reggie Waud back to the club where he made such an impact. It’s always pleasing to see your young prospects wanting to progress and at the same time disappointing when they move on not been able to develop them further yourself.

Reggi Waud, once again a Hall Road Rangers striker

“Now I have the opportunity with my staff to progress Reggie once again and get him back playing regular as this is key to all young players development at this level.

“It’s a huge boost to the squad ahead of a tough run in to Xmas and I’m sure his physicality and quality will give us that bit more of an attacking option.
I’ve always thought Reggie looks best in blue.”

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