Junior football league issues open letter about abuse to young Referees!

How disappointing is this? A local junior football league that has had to issue this with regards refereeing. As the note says, the majority are kids! Just go and encourage your child. If your a coach, just coach your team!

“This is an open letter to you all and I would like you to distribute this as widely as possible within your clubs.

We have now reached December and it is disappointing to note that there is a worrying trend developing of managers, players and parents verbally abusing referees. This must stop, and all referees will be instructed to report such instances to the County FA. In general, the referees appointed to games are children themselves and your clubs have a duty to protect them as you would your own players.

To highlight the issue I have surveyed the referee population and the results are well short of what we would expect from clubs that play in this league.”

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