Billericay Chairman Daniel Groves: “There’s absolutely nothing bad or sinister going on!”

National League South side Billericay Town ended a difficult week with a 2-0 win over Eastbourne Borough on Saturday, just 24 hours after hot-shot Jake Robinson was sold to Maidstone United and Scott Doe, Adam Cunnington and Ricky Modeste moved on.

Billericay Town’s owner Glenn Tamplin has been away from the club for a number of week’s due to personal issues, and this has left Chairman Daniel Groves in sole charge of affairs. Groves spoke to Live Sports FM’s Stephen Copping on Saturday, “I’ve had a chat just to reassure everyone that there’s absolutely nothing bad or sinister going on. It was a case of we had a squad of thirty players. That’s not viable in terms of financially and game time for the boys.

“There were four that we’ve released recently. They wanted to play football and we couldn’t promise them that. We’ve got to be fair to the boys. Jake [Robinson] was the only one of the starting XI that we sold on so that was a transfer.

“The Jake transfer was an absolute no brainer for us! I love Robbo. As a man and aplayer he was fantastic but he’s 33 years old. He’s scored 50-odd goals for us,he’s had an amazing start to the season and I would have loved to have held onto him to see this season out. But, like you say, Maidstone have come into abit of Cup money. Harry [Wheeler] loves Jake and he made us an offer.

“We’ve got potentially a swap on the table but I can’t say just yet. We’ve got maybe two Maidstone players coming to join us.

Glenn’s [Tamplin, Billericay Owner] currently taking a bit of time out due to family and personal reasons. He’s left the club in my capable hands, obviously!

“I don’t shoot from the hip like Glenn does. He doesn’t take a minute to think about things whereas I sit down, I look at things and I’m the sensible one out of the pair of us, I guess. I looked at a way of the budgets and what we can do. I’ve spoken to Dean [Brennan, Manager] and I’ve taken advice from him.”

So, just to be clear, Glenn was aware that this was going on? These players were leaving?

“One hundred per cent. It’s his club so I’d never do anything without his blessing. We’d been tasked to get the squad down and we’ve still got 23 players on the books. We’ve got two boys out on loan we’ll be recalling and getting them in.”

Essentially, it’s all good news, Danny, down at Billericay Town? There’s nothing for the fans to be too concerned about. It’s just an exodus of players – there were too many of them – and the club is going to carry on as normal.

“Believe it or not, I was trying to hang on to players! Dean wants a squad of maybe 18-19 but I said we’ll keep 21-22 in case of injuries, things like that.”

Main photograph by Nicky Hayes.

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