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Denton disappointed to come back from Brid with nothing more than an empty Fish ‘n’ Chip wrapper

Saturday saw NCEL Premier Division side Worksop Town return home from Bridlington Town with nothing more than a belly full of the local fish and chips after a 3-1 loss at Queensgate.

Manager Craig Denton commented, “Obviously we were really disappointed with the final score. I don’t want to come out and highlight our goalkeeper because he made a couple of mistakes, which cost us massively.”

“To be fair, in the first half I thought one of their players should have seen a straight red. I spoke to the referee and he saw something a little bit different to me. We came in at half-time after Matt Sykes’ equaliser, making it 1-1. We were absolutely buzzing at half time and really confident in what we were going to do and how we were going to take the second half to Bridlington. It was a bit of a punch in the stomach when they got their second goal. Then it’s 3-1 and there’s an absolutely massive mountain to climb, but we had some chances.”

“I don’t think our lads played their best. I don’t think we did what we’re usually good at but we know that every team has their ups and downs. We were unbeaten away in the League and we wanted to continue that yesterday but unfortunately Bridlington just had that extra edge. We have to brush ourselves down to go into Saturday’s game against Liversedge.”

“It’s my job as Manager to lift the players. I’ll highlight where I might have made a couple of mistakes, highlight where the players made their mistakes and that’s the whole point of being a football Manager. It’s about self-reflection. It’s looking at what we need to do and we’ve done that. I’m looking positively now at Saturday’s game.”

“I’m just a little bit disappointed for our travelling fans. In and around the Christmas period it’s a fair travel to Bridlington and they came out again, singing and singing throughout the full ninety minutes – and after! I’m disappointed on their behalf because their support is huge for us. It’s a bit of an apology from myself because I didn’t think we acquitted ourselves as we should be able to.”

You still must be delighted with 17 games, amassing 31 points. It’s quite a packed bunch at the top of table, plus you’ve got games in hand as well. It’s not all negative going into the festive period!

“No it’s not. It’s just myself! I’ve got high standards, like the players and the rest of the management staff. It’s disappointing because I really thought that if we gave a good account of ourselves we would have a right good chance but we didn’t! We’ve got a really good group and we’re definitely looking forward to our next game to try and put things right.”

“Looking at the points and where the club is at the moment, it is a healthy and strong position. One of the targets set for me taking the job was to get that stability and sometimes I’m a little bit too harsh on myself and harsh on my players but we’re not doing too badly! We’ve got to become stronger. We are a brand new side with a brand new outlook at how we want to be playing so we’ve got to keep going.”

“It’s not all doom and gloom!”

Main photograph by Lewis Pickersgill.

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