MUST READ! Both managers don’t hold back after Buckham settles Donny Derby!

A last minute Jordan Buckham on his debut for Rossington Main on Saturday secured the Donny Derby win over neighbours Armthorpe Welfare.

Alex Denton had put the hosts in front early on but Armthorpe rallied and equalised from the penalty spot midway through the second half.

The game looked to be heading for a draw until late on when Buckham snatched the late winner, much to the delight of manager Ryan Hindley, “It’s three points! You’ve got to be delighted. We want to beat the teams that are around us. I feel for Mike. I think there are two decisions that have changed the game: it’s not a penalty and it’s not a red card. it’s two players, full-blooded. I feel for him.

“It’s a local derby and, rivalries aside, the behaviour of them… forget all that. Great player, young Williams. I really like him out there. To fling his arm as he did and manage to stay on the football field is beyond me but let’s forget about that. Today we’ve thrown two players in at the deep end: Dan Gardner, who’s not played for three and a half, four months and has come through okay and done well; Callum’s done the same. He’s not played since he did his shoulder against Parramore, I think eight or nine games ago. Silly season as well!

“It’s Christmas and the lads who play at this level will have been on benders, some of them won’t have slept… that’s what happens. The results show today at all levels: just get three points and that’s what we’ve done. We weren’t great. In fact, in patches, we were absolutely terrible! But my back four have dug in, my keeper’s been great and I’ve got that class in Dents. That run and that first goal! Jordan Buckham, who’s had a really quiet afternoon, to pop up with a winner against his old club in the last minute – you can’t write that!

“The lads know they’ve got to improve. They’ve had that one session in ten days. It’s tough to get on some grass anywhere with the bad weather. It’s tough with the holidays, peoples’ shift patterns and what have you so there are loads of excuses that managers will be chucking out there today! Who can blame them because it is a really difficult season in terms of when it gets to this time.

“We’ve dug in and we’ve had that little bit of class when we’ve needed it. Armthorpe are definitely one to watch. They will kick on and I’m glad to have them out of the way. They will do better. They will take points off teams with Williams, Chris Jackson and other people they’ve got in the team. They’ve got some good, good players and they will do alright. I’m glad to see the back of them! Tonight we’ve got the three points; six points over our local rivals, which is fantastic.

“Looking forward to next Saturday, Nostell have beaten Hallam today so it shows I probably know nothing about football but I’ll have a regroup and come back… They’re a good, good side. Nostell will be full of beans – it’s a big, big scalp for them and a big win. They’ve got some good players. We beat them at their place and they’ll want revenge for that. Because nobody really likes me and everybody seems to want to up their game! That’s life! I can live with people disliking me but one thing that won’t happen is my side won’t let up. We’ll be in this week on Thursday. We’ll be working hard and we’ll try and get something positive. I think another two wins out of these next six games that are tough will see us to safety. That was the brief from the Chairman: be safe.

“I want to make sure that we win as many as we can, finish as high as we can and have as much confidence going into next season as possible. The players are playing for their futures. The lads get paid and it’s there week in, week out. All we ask them to do is work hard and do a bit when we’re not playing. That’s what I need people to do. A big year next year as well. Hopefully!

“It’s the Centenary Year and I hope we can put some pride back in this badge. Two home wins on the spin. A great atmosphere so thanks to the fans for that. A great buzz in the clubhouse at the minute and that’s how we want to keep it. When you get Rosso rocking it’s the toughest place in both leagues to go! Bear in mind that I’ve managed Hallam, who have had 150-300 people in. I’ve managed Worksop with 400, 500, 600… These guys, when they get their noise up, it’s as good as anything! Here, we can make this a fortress and that’s the aim. Win your home games, work hard midweek and make away games cup finals.

” I’m not happy with the performance but what I am happy with is that we’ve got three points when we’ve had a lot of players struggling. We’ve had a big lay off and we’ve come back. Some people got some valuable minutes in the tank. We don’t seem to have got any injuries, although Jordan got a knock at the end. A full-blooded derby! Everything you’d expect and we’ve come out on top so I’ll take that as a positive!”

Whilst from the opposite dugout Mike Carmody certainly didn’t hold back, “I’m full of emotion tonight after what I’ve watched this afternoon. Let me start with my players they outplayed, out battled and out passed Rossington today – anybody who tells you different really doesn’t understand the game of football. I can’t ask for anymore from those players on that showing.

“What I’m most upset about is the standard of officiating I’ve witnessed today which has left a really bad taste in my mouth. I don’t want to be a manager who screams and shouts at officials on a Saturday afternoon, that’s not me and not why I’m involved infootball but today something needs to be said, something needs to be addressed. I can’t sit back and not defend my players. Managers get criticised time and time again for slating referees and I’ll probably come in for that stick but never, and I mean never, has the incident today been a red card. Both Management teams, both sets of players including the 2 involved in the tackle will tell you it’s not a red card. It’s a decision that baffles me.

“Now one of my players serves a ban for doing something I expect from every one of my players, being fully committed and putting tackles in. Time after time we’re on the wrong end of decisions that have a massive impact on the outcome of a football match. I don’t have the answers on how but we need to overhaul this standard as we’ll start to lose proper footballing people. Strong words I know but tonight that’s how I feel.

“On to the game I felt we were the better team throughout the 90 minutes playing some great football and creating a number of good goal scoring opportunities unfortunately we didn’t take them.

“We limited Rossington to probably 3 opportunities all day and they took two of them so they deserve lots of credit for sticking to their jobs and getting a result. At the end of the day 3 points are theirs so doesn’t matter how well we played. I’m happy to congratulate the Rossington players and management team on their victory today because I can appreciate the hard work they put into the game.

“I will finish on a negative though as it’s not appropriate for myself as a visiting manager to have a lighter thrown at me during the celebrations for their winner that’s not what footballs about and has no place in the game.”

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