Basford Chairman issues apology and will REFUND all spectators following Hyde loss!

Following Basford United’s 8-3 loss at home to Hyde United yesterday, their Chairman Chris Munroe came out afterwards and spoke to the press – and revealed that they were to refund all the 237 spectators from the management and players pockets.

“Yes, it’s very disappointing. You can live by result but you can’t live by performance and application. Very Disappointed  We’ve got quite a few people missing but you shouldn’t use that as an excuse really for that, especially when we’ve got so much talent and experience in the squad. 

“I’d just like to make an apology, to be honest. An apology to all our fans; everybody that came here today. We will refund everybody’s admission from today and I’ve asked the players and the managers to bear the brunt of that. So anybody that was here today, if you come to South Shields next Saturday and you say you were here today then you’ll get in for nothing. We’ll give you that back. Again, I just apologise on behalf of the club.”

Based on the performance today, we’ve got a massive run of difficult games and had a lot of games in a short period of time. Did that reflect today on the pitch, do you think?

“I think so. The only thing that disappointed me was the fact we went there at the start of the season and we saw the guys that ran the show and they’ve absolutely tortured us today. They really have. The goals that we conceded… But I don’t want to talk about that. That’s for the managers to advise but we just want to say we’ll put it right. We’ll get it right and we’ll get it sorted.”

A positive message from yourself in the programme today. Do results and performances like that deter you from your ambition?

“No. It makes it go the other way really because, as I say, it focuses the mind and we’ll sort it out. We’ve got some discussions to have, just to how we get through this sticky period in terms of personnel. We’ll come through it stronger and we’ll get there.”

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