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Chatfield had no argument with the outcome but he did have a few reservations about refereeing consistency

Honours even at Langwith Road as a resurgent FC Bolsover added another point to the eight, they earned in December after a 2-2 draw at Home to Swallownest in Toolstation NCEL Division One – and whilst Bolsover Manager, Matt Chatfield had no argument with the outcome, he did have a few reservations about refereeing consistency, writes Colin Muncie.

“I’m disappointed not to have come away from the game with three points especially when 2-0 up,” Matt told us. “I thought we might have learned from the previous week – but fair play to Swallownest, they have done well to get back into the game and all the best for them for the rest of the season.”

Matt turned his attention to a couple of key incidents in yesterday’s game. “A lot of pressure is on us to get three points in games now, and I feel the game is getting ruined by the man in the middle,” Matt explained. “Don’t get me wrong – he made the right decision giving our player a red card and a penalty to Swallownest, but as much as I don’t like to say, there were two challenges in particular which were horrendous, both feet leaving the ground and lunging into our players which should have been dealt with. They weren’t, which diminished the game into ‘a who shouted the loudest’ match.”

Rightly, Matt is pleased with the bigger picture at his club right now. “To end on a positive for us as a club, we are moving in the right direction which is now showing in our results,” he told TBG.

“We’re now four unbeaten, with only one loss in six, which is a credit to the lads who stuck by the club when we were at the lowest point.”

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