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ISTEAD on late Maltby loss: “I feel like I’ve had my heart ripped out!”

The last word on yesterday’s dramatic Toolstation NCEL Premier division clash between Handsworth Parramore and Maltby Main falls to disconsolate Ambers Joint Interim Manager Steve Istead, on the receiving end of Maltby’s late one-two to turn the game on its head-and Steve  was still processing the events of that stunning-but heartbreaking –finish.

Talking to TBG Editor Craig Kendall, Steve admitted “I’ve very little to say mate. I feel like I’ve had my heart ripped out. I thought we had done just about enough to win a pretty scrappy game 1-0. Then in the space of a few minutes we’ve lost 2-1. I haven’t fully digested it yet.

“Fair play to Maltby -they dug in and somehow turned it around”.

Main photograph by Ken Allesbrook.

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