HINDLEY: “No moaning from me. No excuses. Just go, perform, work hard and see where that takes you!”

It has been a turbulent week for Rossington Main off the field after their legendary Chairman Carl Stokes stepped down after 12 years at the helm of one of the NCEL’s most prestigious clubs, writes Craig Kendall (Main photograph by Off The Bench).

Main make the trip West to Huddersfield to face AFC Emley, who have had a difficult time of late.

“We’ve just got to concentrate on what we can do. The boardroom doesn’t affect the players anyway. There was a meeting held last night (Wednesday) and everything’s going to remain the same. The monies that we pay the lads will remain the same, plus expenses etc. There’s no concern for them so they can continue to do what they should be doing, which is trying to win football matches.”

“For me, I’ve lost a friend. Carl was the reason I came to this football club, not only as a great Chairman but as a great fan of football. I don’t want to put words in anybody’s mouth but I think he’s realised he’s more a fan. He loves Rosso and sometimes his passion comes out and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“He’s a top Chairman, he’s a top passionate bloke and I hope he comes back to the club, whether as our number one fan or reconsiders and is re-elected as our Chairman.”

“I’ll miss him. He’s a great guy and he’s the reason that I joined Rossington in the first place. I’d no real plans to manage in the NCEL1. There were only a couple of clubs that I’d have looked at. I’ll be open and honest, as I always am! It would have been Rosso or maybe Emley or back to Hallam. Hallam are doing fantastic so it’s not that. Emley’s up at the minute. I think they’ve just taken somebody on until the end of the season. We play them Saturday. And Rosso: that’s about it. Maybe one or two Premier clubs but I came back for Carl and he’s going to be a massive, massive loss for our football club.”

“The work that he’s put in over the last twelve years has been absolutely phenomenal and he’s an example of what Chairmen should follow when they say they’re going to do a Chairman’s job. He’s certainly done that.”

In our infancy at TBG we had a lot of support from Carl and he will be sadly missed, but Hindley reminded us, “Thank God he’s not died! It’s nothing like that! He’ll not be sadly missed because hopefully he’ll be around. If he does reconsider, I’d most certainly welcome him back, as Lee Holmes would and the management team, with open arms to be a part of the committee or back as Chairman.”

“But I agree with you. He’s always happy to help you guys and he appreciates all the hard work that you guys do.”

Main by their own standards have had a difficult time of late on the field with some inconsistent results, “We’re just not consistent. It’s as simple as that. The players haven’t been good enough and we’ve not been consistent. I’ve said that to them. You’ve got to look at it that, when we took over, we’d played ten and won one, drawn one and lost eight. The improvement’s massive but it’s still not – by my standards. We’ve still got one or two spaces that we need to fill but we’ve got to be consistent. We need to find consistent players who can perform week in, week out, not win one, lose one, draw one, win two, lose two…. We can’t continue to do that.”

“The emphasis this season was always to stay up because they would have gone down. The players would have walked away from the club and to build something – I’ll be honest – eight or nine of these players will probably continue next year; the rest may probably fall by the wayside. They know that. They’re all playing for their futures and they need to step up.”

“It’s the thing I look for and the best teams are always the most consistent. They don’t get silly sendings off like we’ve got and they don’t amalgamate six and seven bookings like we do and get suspended. So we need to be more consistent in our discipline and more consistent in our performances. If we get that, we’re as good as anybody.”

Hindley is expecting a loud Emley dugout as he prepares for the trip. “Loud! Loud if Daz is back in the dugout! Lots of shouting but, no, I love Daz to bits. We had a good chat yesterday and you don’t realise what he did for that club in terms of financing a lot of it himself. He had Emley where it needed to be and he decided he needed to take a break. The job that’s been done after that has been okay, but the board don’t see it that way, so Daz is back in the dugout, with Marlon [Adams] from Harrogate.”

“He’s had a tough paper round in terms of Harrogate. That’s always been a bit of a poisoned chalice since all those years ago in the FA Cup run. He’s going to bring players in and they’re going to work hard. If Daz has anything to do with it they’ll be organised and they’ll be big and strong.”

“We’re expecting a tough game. We’ve got a couple of suspensions and one or two on the treatment table but we’ve just got to give it our all and try to get three points. That’s what it’s about. No moaning from me. No excuses. Just go, perform, work hard and see where that takes you. If we do that for the rest of the season we’ll win more games than we’ll lose. But we have got to start getting some consistency to our play.”

“Like I said, there have been a lot of inconsistent things happening in and around the club since I’ve been there. Nothing major but people up and down with performances and, like I said, silly sendings off and getting silly bookings. I don’t mind if you get booked for a tackle but I can’t condone people mouthing at officials. They’re there to do a job and do it to the best of their ability.”

“We’ll get the consistency right: I always do. My first season’s always going to be going through a number of players – which we haven’t gone through that many – to try and build something that is sustainable financially and will give Rossington the best chance of a top six or seven finish next year. That’s something we have not done in over thirty years so that’s the aim with me!”

“And also to work with potentially a new Chairman. If Carl doesn’t come back we’ve got an interim Chairman until the end of the year but I’m hopeful that someone will look at Rossington as a proper football club, which it is. We’ve got the Under-19s top of the league. Our first team is doing okay; we’ll do better with a proper preseason and some new additions. A great infrastructure. A great pitch. Everything that is right for a local businessman to come in and take the bull by the horns. A lot of clubs and their Chairmen would give anything to have what we’ve got. Hopefully someone will look at it and think they’ve got the right man in charge and the right management team and hopefully we can take it forward.”

Hindley was surprised to learn that he was on the betting list for the York City job (which is not vacant now), “Well I might not be there on Saturday, by the sound of things, if I’m 33/1! Anybody that’s looking at that I’d keep your money in your pocket. I’ve got one or two friends at York, in big Jonny Parkin and Jake Wright who played there but that’s about it! I’ve eaten a few Kit Kats in my time but I’ve not been in the Kit Kat stadium and I don’t think it’s something for me at this moment in time. Never say never but I’d keep your money in your pocket.”

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