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NEEDHAM is seething as he blasts Officials following loss

Harworth Colliery

Just as we had packed up the laptop, sat down to “chillax” for a few hours rest after another busy weekend, we hear “ping,” another Manager sends through their thoughts on their weekend game – and it’s a long one – so sit back and hear what Lee Needham, Harworth Colliery’s Manager, has to say after his side went down 2-1 in their relegation dogfight with Armthorpe Welfare.

“It’s a tough one to take really. I thought we got an early goal and seemed to want to try and defend it. In the first-half we didn’t really get our game going, especially after performing so well in our last game at Selby; it was frustrating to see.”

“I thought Armthorpe had the better of the play in the first-half, but never really caused us any problems. We spoke at half-time about getting our game going and at 1-0 up the lads knew it wasn’t good enough. Second-half we were better but still not as good as we can be. I suppose football is about small margins and they clear the ball off the line to stop us going 2-0 up and for me, that would have finished the game.”

“I was looking at the game and I have to be fair. Armthorpe passed the ball fairly well, but I couldn’t see how they would score. Then the referee gives a soft, soft penalty and you can see the reaction from the players. It’s not a penalty – but they then score from it; then two players get sent off – their goalkeeper and our forward, which then turns the game into an end to end battle. Our defender clears the ball, hits two different people and the ball drops to their lad for them to score, unfortunate for us and fortunate for them.”

“If I am going to comment about the officials it would be to say – it’s pointless me having a go at him. He clearly is not at the same level; he ruined the game at times – for both teams. Simple decisions like basic throws were given both ways and they were the wrong decisions. People keep saying don’t blame officials, etc, etc, but the hard work and time that goes into each week and then you turn up and it’s literally a lottery on what 50% of officials will do. I watched a game last week as we didn’t have a game – the linesman might as well have stood with us watching; simply pointless being there.”

“There must be something the FA can do to produce a better standard of officials or to make it more appealing for a certain quality to come through. It’s heart-breaking for the players and staff when they see official’s that have simply never kicked a ball in their entire life – try and attempt to officiate a football match; it’s too much for him, too quick and beyond his understanding of the game.”

“Maybe if the FA made it more appealing by paying more or creating better opportunities, then the level would go up. We lost 2-1 against Shirebrook recently and the official was fantastic. He made the game flow, was honest, could see when players were trying to pull the wool over his eyes. So it’s not the case that you have lost due to the officials fault at all, it’s the simple basics refereeing standards that should be met.”

“That referee knows he isn’t at that level, but if we are putting him in that position – then of cause he is going to accept it. It’s like Wednesday signing a player offering him 20 grand a week and the player knows he isn’t good enough. He isn’t going to turn round and say, no I am not going to do it – he’s going to do it until they find out he isn’t good enough. Something has to be done; people pay to come watch these games and they are being ruined by this problem.”

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