Away point lightens Pirie’s mood

A Jack McMenemy strike was enough to secure Bottesford Town a point on their travels after Jake Day had fired hosts Bridlington Town ahead in front of a crowd of 144 on the East Coast, writes Ian Robinson.

Bottesford’s Spokesman Howard Pirie thought a point was a fair return, but was clearly a tad unhappy about a couple of things that spoiled his day at the seaside, as he enlightens us below. “We would have taken a draw against a well organised Bridlington side given our starting line up. We edged the first half but vice versa second half for our opponents. Bridlington are physically the biggest side we play, but not the most technically gifted. I think Steve McCarron was our Man of the Match whilst Nathan Modest was by far their best player. We wish our opponents every success grappling their way up the table.”

So, what upset Howard and his cohorts? “We weren’t given the warmest of welcomes at the start of the second half by an over vociferous Bridlington official who demanded we get out of the no standing area. If he hadn’t have been such a nasty jobsworth, then he might have got a friendlier reply. From a safety point of view, if there had been a stampede we wouldn’t have seen it coming as nobody turned the floodlights on and it got a bit dark at the end. It’s always a pleasure to visit Bridlington even though it was like playing in the 1974 electricity strike (lol). On to Athersley next week and hopefully a return to winning ways.”

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