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DENTON hits back after been “shocked” at after-match comments!

Last night Rob Hunter gave his appraisal of Garforth Town’s slender loss to Worksop Town in the NCEL Premier Division – and now Tigers manager Craig Denton has his say.

“Firstly we got our three points. It was a good display from our lads. We started on the front foot and we put a performance in to collect the three points, which is what we went there for. It’s not showing any arrogance. We went there with a game plan and we executed it well.

“The comments that have been made after the game, to be honest I was shocked when I read it and I was really disappointed. We arrived at 1 o’clock. We weren’t greeted by any official. We didn’t know where we needed to warm up so we set on the pitch at twenty past one. At a quarter past two the lad came out for their warm up. At about twenty-five past two their centre forward ran over and said, “I think you need to warm up on the other side”, which means off the pitch. I looked through the gate and it was a totally unsafe, inadequate warm up facility so we did our quick feet off the pitch.

“While we were doing our quick feet, their coach set up their warm up on the other side of the pitch. We asked their coach, “Are you warming up on the pitch?” and he said, “Yes. We do our possession on the pitch” so we put our cones up and did our possession on the pitch. We identically did the same warm up compared to Garforth so we’re a little bit disappointed that we got asked… we didn’t get asked. Their centre forward said to us, “We think you’re supposed to warm up over there” but we were never told by anybody.

“I can remember last season when I came – and the season before. The away team has to warm up off the pitch but the home team warms up on the pitch in the possession game, which is not fair. If you read the rules you’ll find out that’s not right, that’s not acceptable so I’m a little bit disappointed with that.

“Then making the comments regarding the changing rooms, we use the changing rooms like every other side but because it’s Worksop Town, people need to mention it, like we’re some sort of bad, arrogant side when that’s just not true. Our away dressing room is left like every other away dressing room. I know some clubs tidy up then take a picture of it, which goes all over social media and what a beautiful, fantastic community club we are: we can clean a changing room. If they want to change the rules where the away team has to clean the changing rooms then do that but it’s not in there. The lads have a shower and they leave. Yes, there’s going to be mud and a few bits and bobs around but as long as there’s no damage to property or we’re not disrespectful to any committee members or anything like that, this just overshadows our great result from yesterday.”

Editor: On the field, great result. Off the field, a bit disappointing but I think it’s time to move on to your next game. You have Maltby Main in the Cup on Wednesday.

“We play Maltby Main in the Cup on Wednesday then we play them in the League on Saturday. Hopefully on Wednesday we’ll be able to give a couple of minutes to some of the lads who have not been featured too much in the recent games because I think it’s really important that we keep our squad fit and raring to go. If there are any injuries or anything crops up and we need to put a player into the mix, he needs to be prepared so I think it’s really important for the players who have not had so many minutes. It’s not about putting a weakened side out. It’s not about making massive amounts of changes so we’ll do that in both the away fixtures. Hopefully we’ll be able to put a performance in on Tuesday then we evaluate it and go and prepare ourselves for the Saturday game.”

Editor: Penistone Church won again and Yorkshire Amateur’s match was called off so you’re only three points off second with a couple of games in hand so it’s all looking positive.

“It is. We’ve taken every game at a time. We’ve prepared for every game in the right way. We’ve had to make big decisions in terms of team selections. There have been times where I’ve changed a winning side because we think it’s the best thing to do and the best thing for the side to go and collect the points. In recent weeks we’ve kept to some sort of the same system and the same personnel but that doesn’t change.”

Editor: Now you’re on two points per game for the first time in four years so you must be delighted with the progress.

“Absolutely. It’s testament to the players, the staff and to everyone involved. With myself and the Assistant Manager, we’re all working really hard to make sure that we’re delivering on the pitch and off the pitch we’ll look after ourselves. We’re the people behind the scenes working tirelessly to get the club where it should be. A big, massive tick for us on the pitch. We’re doing our job and that’s all that matters.”

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