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OGI: “After 15 minutes we were applying Vaseline to make it less painful!”

After last week’s superb win away at Barton Town, Craig Ogilvie’s Harrogate Railway Athletic arrived in buoyant mood at Church View Road yesterday for their game against league leaders Penistone Church.

However, 3-0 down after 12 minutes certainly had Ogi’s men in a tizz, and to make it worse, they were five-nil down at the break. The misery was further compounded with three more goals as it finished 8-0 to the home side.

Ogilvie was honest in his reflection and assessment of the game. “Everyone is allowed a bad day at the office and it’s our first in well over 8 weeks but the main issue was we never actually got in the office to have the bad day!”

“I’m not disappointed with the result, it’s the manner in which we conceded the goals defensively. We didn’t made Penistone work hard for anything, you could have brought another team out on 90 minutes and they could have played again!”

“A few of our lads I think were beat before we even started the game and then literally after 15mins we were applying Vaseline to make it less painful! It literally must have been the easiest game they’ll play this season, and I wish them all the best, as I’m sure they’ll go close and have some real firepower going forward. We just need to make sure we finish outside the bottom 2 in this division come the end of the season and that aim hasn’t changed after today. “

Finishing on a brighter note, “The only positive really is that it’s a lovely drive to Penistone when you leave the M1 and it only took 35 minutes to get home. I think the lads enjoyed the food too after the game.”

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