HINDLEY: “If they don’t [win the league] they want sacking!”

Last Saturday Ryan Hindley took his Rossington Main outfit back to his old stomping ground Hallam FC, but it wasn’t a great result losing 4-1.

We caught up with Ryan yesterday and asked him about said result. “People think it’s mind games and everything else but it’s not. We genuinely had three or four big players missing, Hallam are at full tilt and they’ll take some stopping. They’re very good, well-drilled… they’ve got everything! I said it to my best pal in Scott: you’re not pleasing on the eye but teams that win that league aren’t pleasing on the eye. You’re aggressive, you’re brave in both boxes and you have a midfield three who work their nuts off.

“I thought the best player on the pitch for them was probably Niall Smith, the left back. His great delivery – relentless delivery – from set pieces every one bang on the money and you can’t buy that. If you’ve got that and you’ve got the players that they’ve got in Sam Smith, Tom Roebuck and people like that coming up from the back, they’re going to score goals. So the way that they play and the way that they do things is good.

“First half we were the better side. We tried to play but that doesn’t get you anywhere so maybe I have to look at going big and again everybody always says I have to have mesters and everything else. I look at Hallam’s youngest player: he’s probably 22 years old. I’ve got three or four who are seventeen and eighteen. In terms of physicality and how to out-work a team and out-think a team then that’s exactly what they did.

“They got into their stride in terms of launching balls forward and we just couldn’t defend. We defended terribly. That’s nine goals in two games we’ve conceded so I’ll look at myself and I’m making strides to make changes first for Saturday in terms of personnel and bring people in that will head it. I think we did two versions of the Riverdance in our box on Saturday for two of their goals: that’s people walking back. People forget I see everything so some people are going to be in for a nasty shock!

“We’re in tomorrow. We’ve got an in-house game and I’ve got a few new people coming in. We’re having a look at one or two from coming out of potentially the Evo-Stik Prem sides on loan to us. I won’t stand for it and I’ll make sure that, whatever happens, the goal to the players is: make the result better than Saturday and see where we go.

You play Hallam again, which is a bizarre set of fixtures for yourself.

“It’s a game I want. Everything should be fresh from our players and they should go out there with a bit of added fire in their belly but to understand they’re a good side and give them the respect that they deserve. I’ve said it from the start and it’s not mind games or anything: Hallam WILL get promotion this year. If they don’t they want sacking! The League is theirs for the taking and the squad that they’ve got and the players they can bring on. They can take a Micah Bishop off and put a Reece Treasure on. They can put on like for like.

“They’ve got a great squad. Scott, Stephen and Dean have done a magnificent job and they deserve every plaudit they get. I’ve seen most headlines see a defeat for me but maybe people should change that to how good Hallam are rather than it’s a defeat for me. That’s what it is, I suppose. I put myself out there and when it’s good it’s good and when it’s bad you’ve got to take it.
I’ll take the blame for Saturday. I’m the manager: I pick the team. What I will say is if we defend like that we won’t be in this League. We will get relegated because we’re not good enough in their box and we’re not good enough in our box at the minute.

“Time to tweak a few things but the goal that’s set is perform better than you did on Saturday because for forty minutes we were alright, we did well. We more than matched them and they couldn’t get the ball off us and I offered to chuck a couple more on!

“There was some good banter between both sets and I got a bit of stick but do you know what? I like that! That’s what you want. These are our big derbies and these are our Sheffield United – Sheffield Wednesdays. You want them to be as exciting as they can be. Saturday’s day was Hallam’s and rightly so. They probably deserved it.

“There was a point where it could have been five or six but, first half, we should have had two penalties. Speaking to a few people who are impartial said they were both penalties but we didn’t get them. We brush ourselves down and we come back bigger, better and a bit more experienced for it. The lads aren’t going to play anybody as good as them this season. It’s as simple as that.”

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  1. Better side? I must have been at a different game then that first half, in it for 40 minutes? Really! Had a couple of chances sure but way off target,, penalties? Maybe a shout for one but so did Hallam, who were 2 up, hit the post, & 2 very good chances to increase the lead and that was just the first half! Second half could genuinely been 8 or 9. trust me as a neutral Hallam dominated the game.

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